Artistic Vision

Roy has always been fascinated by the particular beauty of northern landscape; their simplicity, their total lack of artifice and the poetry emanating from them. She has become completely captivated by them and as such, they are her primary source of inspiration.

By emphasing the horizontal composition of the painting, she accentuates the quiet and endless character of landscapes. On one side, the terrestrial or aquatic element and on the other, the sky – a sky which at times obeys no law and can destroy anything and everything or lead us to dream, to think about the elusive nature of the universe, its beauty, its strength, even the meaning of life.

Nature represented here is symbolic and cannot be reduced to only one interpretation. There is no trace of human existence in Roy’s landscapes however people will always inevitably be at the centre of her artwork since each individual will bring their own interpretation and emotion to each painting – providing the eyes and soul of the poem.

CV: English version